About Nix Nickery

Nix Nickery is primarily a place to exhibit music projects with which I've been associated either as a writer, player, arranger, or producer. I try to feature content and provide links for info on the many talented people who have helped me create along the way. I also have uploaded many of my father's poems and paintings here along with the stories of my good friend, Dr. Vince. I hope you find some of it worthwhile.

The material here spans decades and I’ve decided to include songs and stories that never made it anywhere near a finished state. For the most recent and polished songs, see our videos page. These have pretty good production values, but even these videos are subject to updates. I'm just never satisfied.

The home page shows two items selected at random. The first is a recent music video. The other is an aphorism selected from among many I’ve found either inspiring, informative, or funny over the years. A few I wrote myself. Those are mostly silly.

Check out our Facebook page for regular updates and commentary on the material here. I also post to Instagram (often the same content as Facebook).


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The rest of the icons should be self explanatory. If anything is confusing, email me and let me know. I coded this website using C# and Blazor. It will forever have bugs. Such is life.

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