Wedding Toast

Toast read at my brother’s wedding

By Nick Delonas

As your older and wiser brother and now brother-in-law, tradition affords me the distinct privilege of offering unsolicited advice whenever, wherever, and as often as I like. On this most auspicious occasion, it seems only fitting that I offer you crazy kids a little sage counsel.

Remember this:

The foundation of a strong marriage is not, as you may have heard, romantic love. Nor is it pride in your spouse. Rather, the bedrock upon which to build a lasting relationship is trust. Having someone upon whom you can rely and for whom you can, in equal measure, provide such security is really what marriage is all about.

So be true to each other and don't look for much more than mere truthfulness from your spouse. The principle cause of marital misery, it seems, is expectation.

On this day that you've declared your noble commitment to the entire world, I pray your expectations are few and your trust in each other is well founded.

Live long. Live well. Be fruitful. And may the Powers of Heaven bless you both in your struggle through this life.

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