Sheet Music

For Those Who Want to Play Along

For Those Who Want to Play Along

A few folks have asked for sheet music of our songs, so we're posting a few.  We'll post charts here for you as we get around to it. 

Not all parts are transcribed perfectly, because in some cases, the music was meant to serve only as a guide during recording.  The vocal parts are often inaccurate for that reason, especially on the rhythms. 

So these charts are merely a guide.  The V-Drums and keyboard parts were recorded via MIDI, so we can generate good transcriptions of those.  They should be pretty accurate.

Since we recorded our record using Cakewalk Sonar, that's what we used to create this sheet music.  It's far from perfect, but hopefully it will be good enough for you to learn the songs.

Enjoy and thanks for asking!

All Along

Don't Let Me Down

Don't Tell Me

The Way

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