by Nick Delonas and Steve Wollenberger

Passing through time only living today
All of existence has called me to play
Trees whisper softly to sweeten the ground
Their joyous laughter is colored and sound

Ah, the meaning I find
In joy and silence of mind
The breath of all is near
Wisdom so dear

Shuffling through the beauty of the grand
Singing praises to my friends where they stand
Awed by the orchestral painting in stream
Inhale fragrance--I transcend the dream

Words are small
They just can't explain
    the Truth
Trust there is more
Life hides a secret

Ask all of nature and question the skies
Why have so few learned to open their eyes?
Silence, the answer, is perfect and clear:
You choose to rise,
    joy will always be here

Ah, the meaning I find
In Joy and silence of mind
The Breath of All is near
Wisdom so dear

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