by Nick Delonas

desire (love), strife and me
animal i will not be
reason has love for a foe
in love we lose all control
struggle in me rationale
eros in corporeal
man can not yield to this green
see what i mean

harmony against discourse
cycles of better and worse
aphrodite: earth and sky
unmoved mover passes by
to "our father in heaven"
love as returned volition
and moves the sun cross the screen
see what i mean

woman as god in beauty
abstain to reach love supreme
unmoved mover passed away
paradox love still remains
aphrodite: sky to earth
mind in the man shall give birth
to search for reasons to be
see what i mean

but i love a girl
reason is left in a whirl
i can not find much to be
"they" scream theosophy

just words

but i love
and i've been
see what i mean

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