Monster in Town

by Nick Delonas and Bobby Melpignano

Some don't see what music means to me.
It doesn't bring in money
but it's got something more
Opens the hidden door
Frees me for ever more.
Don't tell me any lies
Don't need to socialize
If you can't realize,
that there's just nothing there
For me it's all no where
Just let me play and share
Want to experience what I have seen
There's a man in town who plays pretty mean
Monster man, teach me the dream
Hey my little boy
You better not play with your toys
I hear that monster is in town
And you know he's comin' around
You better hide, that's what to do
because this man, he will eat you
but you know he doesn't scare me
I'm eager to sip his searing tea
Aspiring as young disciple
I'm not like you and all your bull
He's not impressed by your new car
Or all your clothes colored bizarre
Monster in town and you know
You're just a clown
You better put away your toy guitar
Rock star

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