Secular Man

Early recording featuring a very young Gary Delonas

by Nick Delonas

I'm frightened daddy.

What frightens you?


What is it about death that you fear?

That I'll be alone forever.
Will you come with me daddy?
No son. I can't.

When do I have to go?
Soon. Very soon. So play while you can.

Shall I go play now?
No. You must finish your work first.

But there's so much.
Yes. But it must be done.

A secular man knows about all that matters
Ignorant bliss trades well for machine clatters
His life his family he rips into tatters
He can't get along, even with his own

He tries to think of where he may be going
Has man progressed or have we all stopped growing?
Will believing evolve yet into knowing?
No. There's nothing left to learn.

A secular man has contempt for the masses
Religious fools! Just a horde of dumb asses
He tightens his fist with each church that he passes
Religion, he says, is the bane of the world.

A secular man takes great pride in his reason
No mind it's by chance that he even has been
Lives fantasies about which he is certain
He then dies alone in an indifferent world

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