Shepherd of Eagles

by Art Hengst

Maybe I'll be leaving tomorrow
    I'm sick and tired of waiting
To feel the wind in my hair again
    And rise above humanity's screaming tide
They need a chance to remember how grace and truth collide.

And it's time to let them understand
that the waves recede at my demand
and the time has come to get my wings in the air.

Bravely stole a piece of tomorrow
    I felt the time was right
And made it better than yesterday
    Let the words be drawn in the sand
For generations to ponder the mysteries at hand.

And their ears could never understand
what the winds convey at my command
and the time has come to get my wings in the air.

So fly here, beside me, as bright horizons guide me through the tortured sky.

My spirit arises, the tempest harmonizes every martyr's cry.

And Father,
    in this race I run,
    let not my will but Yours be done
That it's all in the plan
    to get out on my own today;
That the life
    laid out in front of me
    carries on beyond its apparent end.

Maybe they'll believe in tomorrow
    The acts of truth confirming
A glory bitter in irony

And in time …

The time will come to get their wings in the air.

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