Spring Romance

by Nick Delonas

Ah the trees have greened
And winter's off the bough
Kiss my love from sleep
And I re-pledge my vow

She softly takes my hand
As I walk down the road
The breeze warms her smile
and cools the grace bestowed

We picnic in the grass
And laugh and talk and sleep
The sun breathes a prayer
And all becomes our keep

Shyly we embrace
and all that's real is here
Can't get close enough
But how we try my dear

Spring is in the seat again
And love is off the ground
Life is in the beat again
And all the world is sound

The day is bright and sweet
And moments pass with care
Clouds float slowly Fast
Fluffed playgrounds in the air

The birds all flutter 'round
And butterfly breezes drift
It fills my breast with joy
At nature's splendid gift

Whispers in the grass
Melt us both to sleep
Wondrous, wondrous dream
In a love so deep

If I had one wish
The angels would come 'round
And stop the hands of time
Embraced, eternal drowned

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