The Bermuda Triangle

by Nick Delonas

Well it was about nine-thirty and was getting late
We had no idea about our coming fate
Just left Nassau on the VOR
The flying was clear
We could see every star
(Oh yeah)

Well heading for Bimini I started to sing
When I noticed something strange there out on the wing
For all my years " something I'd never seen
Those damned wings of mine started glowing off green

Well you know what it was

The Bermuda triangle
The Devil's lair
We were in a tangle
We were in your care

The plane went crazy in the growing light
My friend who was there turned whiter than white
I grabbed the controls for into what we flew
But I couldn't see the sky, oh what could I do?

All I could see was that bright blue-green light
The plane started creakin' but we kept up the fight
The radio was gone still I kept my head
I was gonna keep on tryin' until I was dead

The plane started spinning I knew what I knew
Let go of the wheel, let the plane do what it do
I closed my eyes, it got so intense
I fell on the floor and lost all my sense

The next thing I knew quite to my surprise
We were diving towards the ocean when I opened my eyes
I jumped for the wheel and leveled her out
My buddy got up and he started to shout
(Oh yeah)

Well the light was gone and I knew it'd been close
We landed in an airport just outside of Andros
The people gathered for our story to tell
Of what happened in the Bermuda triangle

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