The Big Bump

by Nick Delonas and Scott Hyatt

Rolling down the highway
I hit a big bump
Didn't know it was coming my way
It sure made my heart jump
It got me so excited
I just had to turn around
Heading down the highway
You know where I'm bound

Well I picked up on my big CB
I called my honey back in old Edgely
and I told her, Baby, I won't be coming back
Well she asked me, have you found another love?
I told her, Kind of yes and kind of no.
I said, Well honey lamb you're my candy gram but my highway lover is like no other
You've got a beautiful rump but you just can't hump like my big ol' bump.

Well I pulled into a café just outside of town
I ordered up a coffee just trying to settle down
Sat down near a secret agent
He said something in code
I couldn't understand him
So I hit the road

Well I picked up on my big CB
I called my friends back in old Edgely and I told 'em, meet me out on old Route 6
Well they asked me, Have you found another whore?
I was thinking no but I lied and said 10-4

I said, C'mon Sam, John, Paul and Lou
Get Jack and Bud and Harry too
Get Dan O'Fump and Jerry the Chump
You must come feel that big ol' bump

Well the bump got real popular as you right well know
Started making guest appearances on the Johnny Carson show
People came from miles around just to get it on with our favorite mound
And all the cat houses around town had to close down

One day a bulldozer came to town
And they went and they tore my big bump down
But when I die you know where I'm going -- to that big bump in the sky!

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