The Final Day

by Nick Delonas

Just a day like any day
Ten thousand roses in fine array
All will make a bright bouquet they say

Lock away depravity
Incestuous insanity
Close the door on thought and lose the key

Lie in bed and close your eyes
Forget about all those lies
All you want's a new disguise, vain tries

But you won't sleep long tonight
The dark is broken with blinding light
All mankind sees Christ in white, His blight

All of man is gathered 'round
Trembling 'fore His satin gown
He took some men to His right
Only they would see eternal light

All the rest were doomed to die
Yet stepped forward for a final try
Said, "Oh God, listen please!
Consider our final pleas.
Why are we the ones to die?"

First came forth the righteous men
Said, "We don't understand.
How is it that we are damned,
When there on your right is Adam?"

Then stepped forth the unlived babes
Who'd never sinned and ought be saved
All the damned cried aloud
"There's no difference in that crowd
What gives You the right
To seal us from eternal light?

You who are nothing ask of me
Why you are damned and not free
I am God and you are only Man
I'll give no reasons so you understand
You are a sin
Don't complain you're damned

Just Fall

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