The Final Day Reprise

by Nick Delonas

One more dawn unnoticed rise
Ten thousand things brain ego eyes
Living on the myth of future's prize
Few know what it means to be
Confusion masked as mastery
The only virtue left is charity
But this day ends the long night
Dark is broken with Truth's great light
All the world sees Christ on white

All realize that closing phase
Inside His all-knowing gaze
He takes some on to His right
Only they can see eternal Light
All the rest are doomed to die
But step forward for a final try
Say oh God, listen please
Consider our final pleas
Why are we the ones to die

First stepped forth religious souls
Did we not live by Your goals?
Preach, save and collect Your tolls?
He said, I never knew you

Then spoke those who lived for State:
How have we come to this fate?
Did we not fight social hate?
You bought and fought and claimed to own My Land

Now with no choice you want to choose
When you were free you chose to lose
You thought you kept Me on the shelf
Conveniently packaged for yourself
Why did you not search for Me in All?
I know you could hear My subtle call

Now Fall

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