TV Faith

by Nick Delonas and Bobby Melpignano

Your face: I recognize
Have you seen me televised
I've had them bring you here
I trust you've little fear
For words I'm at no loss
You're better on the cross
Why'd you come back here?
Your faith leaves man unclear
Let me nail your brain

Comfort's what men seek
I know they are weak
I love enough to save
Though it's void beyond the grave

Conditionless faith for you
With no rational proof
Lonely anxious sea
As long as man is free
From one mask in three

Are all men eventually saved or only the few?
You ask belief without crowd support, man rejects you
I've followed Satan's ideals in your name, only for man
For truth depends upon our wills and that we can't stand
He'll always take bread o'er your freedom with risk

I hate you all the more for answering me with a kiss

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