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Rev. Fredric Barrett

The Rev. Fredric Barrett has been making little songs since he was in high school in the 80s. He's played bass guitar with the great unknown alternative bands Eclipse, The Mainliners, Dirty Politics, The Exploding Lawnmowers, The Heat Mizers, Psycho Rat, Sleestack, Sir Walter Skoogin, and Cap'n Salty. Going solo and acoustic in the late 90s, he began composing original avant garde tunes, aka Demented Folk Jazz (tm), under the moniker Firepups. He plays all the instruments, including trumpet, clarinet, french horn, guitar, recorder, double bass, marimba, mandolin, alto saxophone, violin, zither, various percussion, and, of course, rainstick. He wants more, so send him an instrument, and he will play it! If you search far and wide on the internet, and avoid anything related to Paw Patrol, you will find many of his little Firepups offerings.

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