Antinomy II

By John Delonas

O! Eternal Future:
I cannot grasp
Your solitude.
Words will not suffice
To express your void;
Not even silence
Is like your monotony.
The seeds of dissolution
That brought about my birth,
Have shadowed my existence,
And in the aging sunset--
How that shadow lengthens!
Without light
No shadows;
And without shade:
The light obscures
My beloved's face.
Truth is two twined strands
Which in the beginning sustain,
And in the end strangle:
Mother and executioner.
A veil divides
Knowing from nothing:
Knowing is life,
Nothing is death.
For if I am
Because I know I am;
I am not
Because I am not
To know I am not.
For; where Life is,
Death is not;
And where Death is--
Life is not.

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