On Aristotle

By John Delonas

O divine cookie cutter,
Fashioning out of matter's simple unity
All the living orderly universe;
But that one cookie another should traverse,
And ride it to the oven with impunity.

O divine cookie cutter,
Who out of miracle self-rising yeast
Did drop holy sweat on the dough he rolls,
So the press gave some and some not souls,
One cookie man and the other beast.

O divine cookie cutter,
When one thinks reflective
On white cookies and black,
Out of the same press back to back;
How then-- was the earth' s oven defective?

O divine cookie cutter,
Who out of the cosmic dust of flour,
By withholding a raisin or adding some water
Gave thy son Anise a gingerbread daughter,
Made in thy image, baked for an hour.

O divine cookie cutter,
Who out of one substance flat and doughy
Created the many with no signs of worry,
Guaranteed money back by the father Pillsbury,
With trouble-free press designed by Raymond Loewy.

O divine cookie cutter,
Hear us supreme crumb, complain our fate,
Were we pressed only to decorate an earthly plate?
Are we animal crackers to share their low estate?
For both with equal relish are broken and ate.

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