Renewal And Dance

By John Delonas

i saw a dusty mare
of unsteady girth,
as from the shore
she stumbled
into the scouring sea
and glossed it with
maroon afterbirth.

drifted awhile
to cleanse herself
in nudging rills,
back to her footing,

kicking over the sunken dunes
where the green comber's edge
sucked and reached.

And then spackled the air
With soft gobulets
Of beery foam!
Come share with her
The Banquet spread
-- Reclaimed--
And spread again.
Taste with all your flesh
The Saltiness,
The faint fish oiliness!
Come ride on her
And pound the crest
Into high brooms of silver spray!
Brush black satin and pearly tapestry;
And in her flying mane,
See Sun-Rayed majesty.

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