To N___

By John Delonas

At night the waters are dark nothingless
Indistinguishable to me, and the moon
A white circle in a black sky-- so bright
That I am made unconscious of the faded stars.

It is the reflection of the moon that gives
The water form and iridescence,
That makes it living and beautiful,
It softens the deadness of night and the glare
Of the moon and makes accountable
The romantic shadows of waving trees
Skirting the velvet-caressed shore.

Thus the reflection binds God with earth
Letting me see the manifestation of His grace
Upon the world I was too blind to see before.
You are the reflection and because of you
I am conscious of the stars and the flowers,
And of the beauteous shadows in the dark.
You direct my thoughts to the stars,
The moon is living and warm and because
Of the reflection and thee I see all that
Is beautiful and love my God more and more.

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