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A Granite Scale (ERF00225)
Ind. (2001) Country: USA  CD

An excellent first effort from this outfit! Ironia have launched their debut album CD A Granite Scale. The album consists mainly of standard American style hard rock of the Van Halen flavour. Strong use of electric guitar and steady drum beats highlight this disc. Where VH are raunchy, these guys tackle subtle humour as in Track 2 Underground Stealing or track 11 Toe Jam (I think this is one of the few examples of toes getting the spotlight in music). Track 11 consists of little more then a monologue, but it's actually humerous and not too badly performed. Paul Zartler (vocals) performs the pieces with professionalism and enthusiasm to match his band mates even though on some tracks, such as #1 Chemical Moses, he seems to be struggling to keep up and be consistent at the same time; not a bad performer, as are all of them, but a bit of work is still needed in minor areas, IMO. The album tries but comes just short of being a full bodied flavour, as they say in the beer commercials. All the same, it utilizes tried and true riffs and concepts within its genre. It is definitely not simple or shallow and leaves lots of room for artistic merit to show. A very radio savvy recording. This is a band that has no pretentions, and it shows in this honest and straight-up recording. Overall, it is a worthy and marketable recording and stands as an excellent first effort!

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