The bunny and the Germans

By Nick Delonas

Today I walked through a lush and varied public garden. We walked along a raised bed of flowers opposite two elderly couples who were speaking German. As we walked by, some marigolds began shaking. Upon investigation, we discovered a tiny baby rabbit was there. I stood up, pointed, and said to the Germans, "there's a little bunny under there."

The woman looked confused. So, I held up my hand like it was walking and hopping, and said, in a higher-pitched voice (as if I were speaking to children) "a bunny! A little bunny rabbit." Then I hunched over and wiggled my fingers along the side of my head as if I had rabbit ears, saying "bunny" and acting as bunny-like as a 6'4", 280-pound man can.

Then the tall German man said, "ah yes, a rabbit. I see it."

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